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My Hair Is My Crown is a juvenile non-fiction book for audiences aged 4 - 10. The book is about an African-American mother, Michaela, her daughter, Quinie and her hair. The book depicts the bonding that takes place during the washday process for Quinie. Like Quinie, most children do not enjoy washing their hair so Michaela has to be creative with getting Quinie to enjoy it.

Through the process, Michaela teaches Quinie the importance of taking care of her hair, using the right products and embracing her natural hair because her hair is her crown.


The story was born after Quinie asked why she could not have straight, long hair like popular Disney princesses. Michaela decided to tell Quinie about how magical her hair is especially when she shares the different hairstyles she could do with her own hair. 

The goal of “My Hair Is My Crown” is to bring awareness to the issues society has created with the notion that "natural hair is not good hair." Michaela wanted to empower Quinie and every young brown child who can relate to embrace and love their hair regardless of its length or texture. Michaela believes children should be taught to love and embrace their hair. After all, self-love begins at home. Together, Michaela and Quinie hope this book will inspire someone.

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